My name is Conner Kent, though you may know me as Superboy. I am a founding member of Young Justice and the Ravers, a member of the Teen Titans, along with being an ally to the JLA and all the other hero teams there are.

I live on a small farm in Smallville, Kansas with my adopted mother and my Superdog, Krypto. I know you’ve heard of Superman, he’s my cousin...kinda. Well, I guess you can say he’s one of my parents, since I was grown in a test-tube inside CADMUS Labs to replace him. I'm half-Kryptonian and hal-Human, my other donor, for the human DNA, is Lex Luthor. So now, I have a fifty-fifty chance of either being the world’s greatest “super-hero", or the world’s greatest “super-villain".

((Conner "Kon-El" Kent, Superboy, RP account. Will RP with most fandoms, as long as it isn't too confusing haha. I'm a male. 18 years old, birthday is March 21 (Just like Conner's!) OTP and favorite to RP is Powerhouse, which is Conner and Cassie. I will also RP Supermartian, but I'll sadly have to say no to TimKon. My inbox is always open so feel free to message me))

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Young justice and the Justice League.


Young justice and the Justice League.


Young Justice #1 - “Young, Just Us”

written by Peter David
art by Todd Nauck & Lary Stucker

dickgrayzon asked superboy or robin (tim)

dickgrayzon asked superboy or robin (tim)


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I couldn’t resist the temptation to do a final post (I mean it this time, I swear) with some of my all-time favorite characters, and since you all seemed to enjoy before I thought I’d bug you one last time with my ‘clix.

Pictured is my favorite iteration of the Teen Titans, from the 2003 vol.3 series by Johns and McKone. The line-up above would be accurate as per the first few issues (after Bart becomes Kid Flash, before Raven joined back up).

Below that is a rag-tag amalgamation intended to represent my best approximation of the One Year Later era Titans, with Kid Devil, Ravager, Miss Martian, and later, Blue Beetle (III). 


Wonder Woman (1987-2006) #175

"So you have to work through that hurt, Kal. For all those people depending on you because of everything you represent to all the people for whom you mean the world… To people like Lois and Kon and Steel. To me. Because of the example you set. Just by being as good as you are. We’ll stand by you. I’ll stand by you. Rediscover what you truly believe in, the strength of hope… of justice… of truth.

I… oh my god this moment.

This moment I just… it’s one of my favorite Wonder Woman and Superman moments of all time. And while people are free to ship whatever they want, this moment is such a beautiful and powerful statement about the strength of their friendship and kinship here that I want to preserve it forever.

Because it’s their love as friends and confidantes that leads to Diana’s beautiful understanding of Clark, of his pain and disappointment leading up to this moment, and of how much his family — Lois, Kon, John — mean to him, how her support and their inspiration is what will save him.


Also: it should be illegal to make Clark cry. It hurts that bad.

But… we’ll get back to that…


Wonder Woman (1987-2006) #175

Please — they just need a little time —”

I… get so emotional during this. Because Clark’s free of the curse from Circe… but his emotions are raw, his pain is real. The lasso is releasing everything he’s kept bottled up as a result of the previous events — the alien worlds they lost and how heroes in general just have been unable to save the people they swore to protect.

And more than that, it’s the respect that the rest of the heroes have for this moment — for this really naked look at Clark’s hurt — and how they’re so protective of their greatest icons.

It’s UGH so powerful. It hurts. It really hurts.

It’s an emotional ending and, though it’s a bit of a downer considering the high action and fun from seeing all of the heroes of the DCU united under Diana, it’s not out of left field and it’s not undeserved reverence.

GREAT two-parter. Among my highest recommendations for new fans interested in Wonder Woman or just a quick introduction to lots and lots and lots of kickass ladies across the DCU.